Gaming in the Ford F-150 Lightning

The 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning full-size electric pickup truck has a whole menu of video games you can play on its gigantic infotainment touchscreen. Blocks, Jigsaw Puzzles, Lane Change, Sketch, Sudoku and Tiles will all help you pass the time when you’re sitting at the charging station or waiting to pick up a passenger. Whether you want to solve a number puzzle, challenge your spatial reasoning, race the clock, put your hand-eye coordination to the test or just dash out a digital doodle, you can entertain your brain while parked. We check them all out here in this short video.

Video Transcript

Hello, everyone. John Snyder with Autoblog here. And I'm sitting inside the 2022 F-150 Lightning. And it has games you can play when you're bored, if you're sitting at the public charger, or waiting to pick up your kid from school.

There's Blocks where you got to make all the blocks one color by fitting these shapes in there. I don't have any three across, so I can park that there, and then put that there. I could swap that out, put that there, and so on and so forth. But if you run out of ways to make it all black, you can make it all white. And you can go back moves too, which is nice.

Jigsaw Puzzle, pretty self-explanatory. You just move the pieces around-- let's see, to put the picture together. And that's kind of a satisfying little way to waste some time. This is probably the most fun game in here.

You use the volume knob to steer around these other fords and collect points, and try not to crash. Oh, see?

Sketch. Pretty simple sketch pad. Draw your cats while you're waiting. That's sort of a cat.

Sudoku. Mm, I don't know how to play this, because I hate numbers. But you can do it if you know how. So there you go. Whatever. Cool. Cool game.

Then, Tiles. This is a fun one. So let's see, there's two different types of playing this game. There's the Relaxed Mode, which is this. You just connect four colors to break the blocks and so on and so forth.

There is a Rush Mode, where blocks drop down while you're playing, which makes it a little more challenging. Oh, boy. And if you're colorblind like me and it's a little difficult, you can use a Colorblind Mode and it puts little shapes in there. So it makes a little, you know, theoretically easier for someone who might have trouble distinguishing the different shades.

Like I said, theoretically. Anyway, those are the games you can play in the Ford F-150 Lightning. Thanks for watching.