More gamers would rather be a top pro player than movie star, athlete, or music star, according to study powered by Twitch

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Will esports overtake traditional sports in five years? (Twitch)
Will esports overtake traditional sports in five years? (Twitch)

Momentum Worldwide and Twitch have shared the results of the We Know Gamers study, a study that looks at the consumption habits and behaviors of gamers.

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The global study surveyed 2,600 participants and was granted access to Twitch’s Research Power Group, a platform run by Twitch to survey their users for feedback and other research.

The findings presented in the report reflect some interesting trends, including one which reported that most of the participants (28 percent) answered that they would rather be a top player of their favorite game than a movie star (22 percent), athlete (18 percent), or music star (15 percent).

Three quarters of the respondents said that gaming will always be a part of their lives, while 58 percent stated that they believed esports should be an official sport.

Meanwhile, 53 percent of respondents expressed belief that the number of people watching and playing games will surpass the number of people watching and playing traditional sports in the next five years.

“These results show there is real opportunity in the business of gaming,” said Momentum Worldwide chairman and CEO Chris Weil. “The industry is huge and should be treated with the same respect as you would a top league football game. Whether it’s a live event or an online gaming forum, the experience should be the most important thing. The competitive side of gaming is going to overtake mainstream sports in a few years and brands need to be ready to become a part of that.”

“Gaming has become one of the nation’s most popular pursuits, and brands should consider that this is where their customers spend a lot of time,” said Kristen Salvatore, VP/Commercial director of esports sponsorship sales at Twitch. “The findings show there are real opportunities for businesses to engage meaningfully with their customers if they become part of the experience, through online content or live gaming events.”

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