Game of Thrones season 7 episode 7: Does the trailer hint at death for Sansa or Arya Stark?

Christopher Hooton
The Independent

I didn't expect Sansa and Arya's relationship to be completely rosy when they reunited in Winterfell, but the latter half of Game of Thrones season 7 has seen the atmosphere in their scenes fall nothing short of murderous.

Last we saw of the siblings in episode 6, 'Beyond the Wall', Sansa was dispatching Brienne to King's Landing so she could more easily bump off Arya, while her sister was essentially threatening to cut off her face.

A pretty severe conclusion feels inevitable for their sub-plot and the trailer for the season finale only adds weight to this.

We don't see anything of Arya, but Sansa looks incredibly dour as she walks the battlements of Winterfell alone.

Sansa looked very different on the battlements in earlier episodes this season
Sansa looked very different on the battlements in earlier episodes this season

We're used to seeing her in a dress and fur, but here she wears a dark hooded cloak, creating a silhouette in the wide shot that looks incredibly Grim Reaper-esque.

Does indicate that death is coming for Arya, or that Arya will pre-empt this and wind up killing Sansa?

You'd like to think that they'd figure out that Littlefinger is playing them off against each other first, but with Jon appearing to head straight to King's Landing for the wight summit, there isn't really anyone around in Winterfell to keep their tempestuous dispositions in check.

Everyone's been fearing a deceitful twist from Cersei at the end of the season, but right now my money's on Sansa.

Game of Thrones season 7 concludes on HBO, Sky Atlantic and through NOWTV on Sunday.

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