Game stream: Denver Nuggets vs. Memphis Grizzlies

The Denver Nuggets (4-2) play against the Memphis Grizzlies (3-3) at FedExForum

Game Time: 8:00 PM EDT on Monday November 1, 2021

Denver Nuggets 20, Memphis Grizzlies 27 (Q1 01:25)

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Joe Mullinax @sbnGrizzlies
Cold start for Ziaire Williams so far. Keep shooting though – 8:27 PM

Drew Hill @DrewHill_DM
Ja Morant’s top five current point guards, according to the Jumbotron video
1. Me
2. Temetrius
3. Ja
4. 12
5. Ja, again
😂 – 8:26 PM

Duvalier Johnson @DuvalierJohnson
What is that? Am I feeling, –no, hold on, am I feeling Michael Porter Jr. starting to get it together? PM

Michael Singer @msinger
Excellent defensive rebound from MPJ — an indictation of engagement. Gets rewarded with a transition layup. With his ongoing outside struggles, he might be building from the inside-out tonight. – 8:24 PM

Tony Jones @Tjonesonthenba
MPJ’s lack of making the right basketball play is so striking because he’s the only guy for Denver that consistently doesn’t. That was an easy extra pass to the corner for three and he was like nah lemme take this contested one – 8:24 PM

Peter Edmiston @peteredmiston
Two times Ziaire Williams has messed up an incredible Ja Morant pass… rookie’s about to get talked to… – 8:23 PM

Rob Perez @WorldWideWob
Jokic saw that he had to split only 4 defenders and was like np PM

Clay Bailey @claybailey9
Everybody on the Nuggets with the first initial J and the last name Green is a former Grizzly. – 8:23 PM

Joe Mullinax @sbnGrizzlies
Jaren Jackson just swatted Aaron Gordon — star of the hit film “Uncle Drew — and the shot went into the stands – 8:23 PM

Joe Mullinax @sbnGrizzlies
Jaren Jackson Jr. gets a huge applause from the crowd, as he goes to the bench.
LOVE. TO. SEE. IT! – 8:23 PM

Duvalier Johnson @DuvalierJohnson
Will Barton to Nikola Jokic on that connection. PM

Joe Mullinax @sbnGrizzlies
Ziaire Williams is the first player off the bench for Memphis – 8:20 PM

Drew Hill @DrewHill_DM
Jaren Jackson Jr. reminder game. – 8:20 PM

Joe Mullinax @sbnGrizzlies
Ja Morant tried to throw a saucey behind-the-back dime for Bane, but he fumbled the catch. The audacity early on, you LOVE to see it – 8:19 PM

TJ McBride @TJMcBrideNBA
I wrote about this earlier today. The Grizzlies starters led basketball in points by starters before the games tonight, but their bench is scoring at the same rate as Denver’s. This is going to be a battle of bench units so long as the Nuggets starters can keep up. – 8:18 PM

Michael Singer @msinger
Grizz up 16-9 before Malone takes his first TO. He was upset after they gave up the O-board on the possession before. Memphis shooting 77% to open the game. – 8:17 PM

Duvalier Johnson @DuvalierJohnson
Sloppy start to this game for the Nuggets.
Turnovers, not rebounding, and easy layups for Memphis on the other end.
The bright spot has been Monte Morris who has two baskets and two assists early on. – 8:17 PM

Ryan Blackburn @NBABlackburn
Michael Porter Jr., I kid you not, has not touched the ball yet. – 8:17 PM

TJ McBride @TJMcBrideNBA
Gordon needs to keep shooting 3s tonight to keep Jaren Jackson Jr. away from the rim. They might not be a great percentage look, but keeping the lane open will open up the rest of Denver’s offense. – 8:16 PM

John Hollinger @johnhollinger
Early on, Nuggets seem distracted by @Chris Vernon standing on the scorer’s table yelling for them to put Bol Bol in. – 8:16 PM

Joe Mullinax @sbnGrizzlies
Fast start for Memphis! The Grizzlies are up 16-9 with 7:37 left – 8:16 PM

Vinny Benedetto @VBenedetto
Nuggets almost turn it over on their first possession in Memphis, but MPJ chases down a loose ball. Possession ends with an easy dunk for Nikola Jokic. – 8:15 PM

Meghan Triplett @Meghan_Triplett
Jaren Jackson Jr. said shhhhh! – 8:13 PM

Drew Hill @DrewHill_DM
Jaren Jackson Jr. made a 3. And he made another one.
Are you happy now? – 8:12 PM

Chris Herrington @ChrisHerrington
JJJ drills a catch-and-shoot corner 3 in transition on his first touch. The again from the top of the key on his second touch. – 8:12 PM

Joe Mullinax @sbnGrizzlies
And anotherrrrrr…. Jaren Jackson Jr. for 3! – 8:12 PM

Joe Mullinax @sbnGrizzlies
Steven Adams gets the Grizzlies on the board for their 1st bucket of the game – 8:11 PM

Jason Quick @jwquick
Lillard from field this season:
Phoenix 6-of-11
At LAC 4-of-15
Memphis 6-of-22
LAC 9-of-17
At Char 5-of-20
At Phil 2-of-11 (first half)
That’s 33% FG. He’s 14-of-63 on 3-pointers (22.2%)
Don’t think I’ve ever seen such drastic and prolonged slump from him. – 8:09 PM

Clay Bailey @claybailey9
“I think our plus-minus with Nikola (Jokic) on the floor is spectacular. And I don’t want to talk about what it is when he’s off the floor.” –Denver coach Michael Malone. – 8:02 PM

Clay Bailey @claybailey9
For those who saw the injury report from this afternoon that Ja Morant was questionable with a sore elbow, he is not questionable anymore.
Ja will play against the Nuggets. Dillon Brooks will not. – 7:59 PM

Clay Bailey @claybailey9
Here are your starters for the Grizzlies-Nuggets. Denver: Jokic, Barton, Monte Morris, Porter Jr. and Aaron Gordon.
Grizz start Ja, Jaren, Adams, Bane De’Anthony.
Set your fantasy lineups accordingly. – 7:58 PM

Joe Mullinax @sbnGrizzlies
Starting lineups for both teams
Nuggets: Morris, Barton, Porter Jr., Gordon, Jokic
Grizzlies: Ja, Melton, Bane, Jackson, Adams – 7:56 PM

Clay Bailey @claybailey9
Here come the officials for tonight’s Grizzlies-Nuggets game — Curtis Blair, Matt Boland and Jenna Schroeder. In a shocking development, @badunclep did not walk arm-in-arm with the trio accompanying them onto the floor in sign of support and solidarity. – 7:51 PM

Katy Winge @katywinge
Keys to the game
Nuggets at Grizzlies
🔑 Running in Memphis – starts in transition (and that starts with taking care of it)
🔑 Harmony in this rock and roll band – every member needs to show up and contribute to make the sweet music
🔑 3 pt defense PM

Joe Mullinax @sbnGrizzlies
Hey, everyone! @PAKA_FLOCKA here live at the FedExForum. Ja’s playing. Grizzlies are back tonight. Denver’s on the other side here. What’s the vibe here? PM

Michael Singer @msinger
Ja Morant is active tonight. – 7:35 PM

Marc Stein @TheSteinLine
The Grizzlies say Ja Morant (right elbow soreness) is active and will start for the Grizzlies tonight against the Nuggets. – 7:31 PM

Joe Mullinax @sbnGrizzlies
Ja Morant going through his pregame routine. He’s currently a game-time decision, as he’s dealing with elbow soreness from a fall in Saturday’s game PM

Drew Hill @DrewHill_DM
Ja Morant is on the court and warming up like normal.
He is questionable with elbow soreness from a fall on Saturday. – 7:18 PM

Peter Edmiston @peteredmiston
Ja Morant out for warmups, looking just fine. PM

Harrison Wind @HarrisonWind
Pregame show from the Lounge goes live in 15 minutes.
– Nuggets/Grizzlies notes
@DLineCo breaks down the new uniform
@Duvalier Johnson‘s best bets…7:18 PM

Katy Winge @katywinge
Will Barton told me this morning this is the city that made him a man. He said the best two years of his life were here in Memphis, when he was a Tiger. Always special for him to come back. More on @AltitudeTV tonight! – 7:17 PM

Joe Mullinax @sbnGrizzlies
👟 watch:
Trip J (@Jaren Jackson Jr.) has the Sandy Cheeks Kyrie 5’s out here right now 🥶🔥 PM

Joe Mullinax @sbnGrizzlies
A lil J Green reunion tonight — JaMychal and Jeff Green making a Memphis return as teammates with the Nuggets. Should be cool 😎 PM

Joe Mullinax @sbnGrizzlies
Big matchup between Stev-o and the Joker tonight, coming soon.
Don’t miss out. PM

Michael Singer @msinger
Michael Malone on MPJ: “It’s just a matter of time.”
Malone was pleased with his rebounding vs. Minnesota and said they’ve had slow starts with Jamal Murray in the past, too. – 6:33 PM

Ryan Blackburn @NBABlackburn
Michael Malone on MPJ’s struggles to this point:
“I think once he sees that ball go in, he’s going to have a night.” – 6:33 PM

Harrison Wind @HarrisonWind
Michael Malone pregame: “Our +/- with Nikola Jokic on the floor is spectacular, and I don’t want to talk about what it is when he’s off the floor.” – 6:32 PM

Meghan Triplett @Meghan_Triplett
Ja Morant is still questionable. Coach Jenkins said Morant will go through his pregame routine first. – 6:26 PM

Joe Mullinax @sbnGrizzlies
Taylor Jenkins says Steven Adams will get primary responsibilities on Nikola Jokic. Look for Jaren Jackson to start with Aaron Gordon – 6:25 PM

Vinny Benedetto @VBenedetto
Memphis Grizzlies coach Taylor Jenkins says guard Ja Morant is still questionable for tonight’s game against the Nuggets. Sounds like the plan is for Morant to go through his pre-game routine before a decision is made. – 6:20 PM

Michael Singer @msinger
Taylor Jenkins says Ja Morant will go through his pregame routine and then make a determination. He’s still questionable. Jenkins said he took a fall in the Miami game and has a sore elbow. – 6:20 PM

Joe Mullinax @sbnGrizzlies
Ja Morant will go through pregame with his elbow soreness, after a fall in the Miami game, per Taylor Jenkins – 6:20 PM

Ryan Blackburn @NBABlackburn
3P% update for the Nuggets through six games:
Nnaji – 67% (2/3)
Jokić – 42.3%
Bones – 41.7%
Dozier – 38.5%
Barton – 36.7%
Morris – 36.4%
—endless chasm—
Porter – 25%
Campazzo – 25%
Rivers – 25%
Gordon – 21.4%
Jeff – 21.4%
JaMychal – 16.7%
Bol – 0%
Howard – 0% – 6:06 PM

John Hollinger @johnhollinger
Nuggets getting in some pre-game work here in Memphis PM

Keith Smith @KeithSmithNBA
The Houston Rockets have exercised their 2022-23 rookie scale team option for Kevin Porter Jr.
That was the final option decision we were waiting on.
Only Jarrett Culver (Memphis) and Jalen Smith (Phoenix) had their 2022-23 rookie scale team options declined. – 5:31 PM

Barry Jackson @flasportsbuzz
NEW: A fresh pack of Canes nuggets, including an in-depth look at the major problem that Diaz appears to have solved, with feedback on Van Dyke from a Heisman winner, a scout and more:…5:03 PM

Chris Herrington @ChrisHerrington
ICYMI, I wrote about Jaren Jackson Jr.’s rough start and FedExForum deja vu. Plus, four things I liked this week:
🏀 Ja, like a cool breeze
🏀 Desmond Bane’s aesthetic signature
🏀 DMelt stocks watch
🏀 Krafty Kyle…4:57 PM

Zach Lowe @ZachLowe_NBA
Lowe Post podcast: Jeff Van Gundy + I bounce around some interesting early-season storylines: Lakers puzzle, Wiz, Heat, Suns, Grizz/JJJ, CHA, much more — plus Halloween w/ the Van Gundys +JVG defends the Astros:
Spotify: PM

Gordon Gross @GMoneyNuggs
Watching the Nuggets squander the opportunity to solidify a sports hold on this town for a generation, with a championship-caliber squad, because they were afraid to accept a smaller TV deal is just wild. The sports landscape has been RIGHT THERE FOR THE TAKING. – 3:02 PM

David Locke @DLocke09
LOCKED ON BRONCOS giving immediate reaction to the Von Miller trade
Von Miller traded by the Denver Broncos to the Los Angeles Rams via @YouTube2:45 PM

Ira Winderman @IraHeatBeat
Adebayo says “I feel good.” Sat out in Memphis with knee bruise. – 2:39 PM

Harrison Wind @HarrisonWind
Ja Morant (right elbow soreness) is questionable tonight against Denver, Grizzlies announce. – 2:34 PM

Michael Singer @msinger
Grizzlies announce Ja Morant (elbow soreness) is questionable for tonight’s game vs. #Nuggets. – 2:32 PM

Marc Stein @TheSteinLine
The Grizzlies say Ja Morant (right elbow soreness) has been added to the injury report as questionable for tonight’s game against Denver.
More NBA from me: marcstein.Substack.com2:31 PM

Drew Hill @DrewHill_DM
Ja Morant is questionable tonight for the Grizzlies with right elbow soreness. – 2:30 PM

Drew Hill @DrewHill_DM
Ja Morant said that Emoni Bates comes over to his house and that his parents cook for him.
And Bates is not the first young player the Grizzlies star has decided to mentor.…2:22 PM

Katy Winge @katywinge
I already miss Von sitting courtside at Nuggets games. – 2:22 PM

Ira Winderman @IraHeatBeat
Bam Adebayo, after missing Saturday in Memphis with a knee bruise, was a full go at practice today in Dallas. – 2:19 PM