Game to pay attention to: Lakers vs. Jazz

Los Angeles Lakers at Utah

What we don't know, I think, doesn't matter.

Kobe Bryant(notes) might not play in this game. Andrew Bynum(notes) might not play in this game. Bynum's more likely to sit, Kobe probably has to be given wrong directions to the arena to keep him off the court.

Doesn't matter. I think this can still be a cracker of a game. I think the Jazz will have their way on the interior, but the Lakers spacing will give Utah fits, especially as it played the Clippers last night in Los Angeles. In reality, the Jazz should win in a walk, and maybe I'm wishing more than I'm thinking, but I think this can be a fun one.

And if it isn't? Get ready for one last full night of sloppy pre-All-Star break ball. Eleven games in total, storylines abound.

Comment away.

Los Angeles Lakers: 40-13, 93.4 possessions per game (eighth), 109.6 points allowed per 100 possessions (ninth), 102.5 points allowed per 100 possessions (second).

Utah Jazz: 32-18, 93.1 possessions per game (11th), 110 points scored per 100 possessions (seventh), 104.5 points allowed per 100 possessions (ninth).

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