Game to Pay Attention To: Heat vs. Hornets

Miami at New Orleans

You have to easy in picking Miami Heat games for the Game to Pay Attention To, because we've clearly been inundated with all things Heat'y over the last four months, and also because this is a squad worth poring over. Championship contenders are always worth paying attention, especially if you think they could win 70 games in 82 regular season tries.

Tonight, though, the Heat take on the undefeated New Orleans Hornets. A team featuring a player in Chris Paul(notes) that is probably playing better basketball than anyone else in the NBA so far this year. It probably should be on national TV, but ESPN (like us) is probably trying to take its first break from the Heat after four months of obsessing.

12 games on tonight, lots of threads worth pulling on. Comment away, and be safe this weekend.

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