Game 7′s marquee matchup: Chris Bosh vs. a piece of confetti (Video)

It wasn't a glorious Game 7 for Chris Bosh — while the Miami Heat center was a major force defensively with his ability to cover tons of ground, clog passing lanes and make Tim Duncan work in the post, that kind of work is decidedly unglamorous, and tends to get noticed by fans far less than failing to score a point on five shot attempts in 28 minutes of play.

Still, victory tends to help folks overlook the negative, especially when said victory secures back-to-back NBA championships and confirms your position at the top of the NBA mountain. If Bosh could just get back to the locker room to celebrate without something weird happening, we'd all move along and just talk about how great LeBron James was or whatever.

And yet: This is Chris Bosh we're talking about.

So close, Chris. So close.

Oh, well. Given the circumstances, that was still probably the sweetest piece of confetti Chris Bosh has ever tasted, and yes, before you even ask, I'm just assuming that Chris Bosh probably eats confetti a lot, or that he has at least once solely so that he could ask his wife if she wanted some confettuccine alfredo and then make this face. I think you'll grant that that seems like a fair enough assumption.

Vine via @Deion_Slanders.