Gabe Kapler, Kai Correa hilariously in sync with Giants walk-off reaction

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Kapler, Correa eerily in sync with priceless walk-off reaction originally appeared on NBC Sports Bayarea

Throughout the course of a season, baseball teams become so in tune with each other that it is almost like they are in sync.

That's something Giants manager Gabe Kapler and bench coach Kai Correa certainly can attest to.

In the bottom of the ninth inning of the Giants' 5-3 win over the Philadelphia Phillies on Sunday at Oracle Park, both Kapler and Correa had very similar reactions to Wilmer Flores' walk-off home run.

Though it is unclear who leaned over the railing first, what is clear is that Correa partially blocked Kapler's view. As Correa pushed himself past the railing to watch the ball, the Giants skipper had to bend even further down to see where the ball was going to land.

After confirming it was a home run, both Correa and Kapler looked at each other, seemingly unamused, and nonchalantly gave each other a high five. Almost immediately, Correa flashed a large smile and went to celebrate with the rest of the coaching staff, with Kapler following behind him.

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Considering how important September is for the Giants as they prep for next season, having a good foundation is a good place to start.

With Correa and Kapler clearly in sync -- even if it's just their celebrations -- the only place the Giants can go from here is up.

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