FW Betty: 'We have to play the meta or it’s going to be a big disadvantage to us'

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After a much-improved Day 2 of the 2017 Mid-Season Invitational, the Flash Wolves floundered again on Day 3, picking up two more losses, ending the day with a total event record of 2-4. Yahoo Esports caught up with Flash Wolves AD carry Lu “Betty” Yuhung to talk about their recent performance and new, late-game focused playstyle.

You have had very up and down days with two wins, two losses, two wins. How are you and the rest of the Flash Wolves handling it?

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I think there’s a lot that we need to adjust. We’ve been inconsistent and we need to work on that for the rest of the event.

Today you pulled out Twitch against SKT, and then showed another Jhin game. You had yet to play Twitch in your competitive history. Is this something you prepared for SKT specifically?

We picked Twitch because we really bet on the late game. He can snowball into the very late game so that’s what we were betting on. Jhin is just a really strong laning champion, so I wanted to play him since he isn’t weak during the mid game phase, as well.

You’ve been betting on the late game a lot more at this tournament, but in the LMS you were known for having such a strong, aggressive early game. What is the reason behind this shift in playstyle?

Basically, it’s just the meta. Whoever has more shields in late game can win more, so we’ve been adjusting to the meta. We have to play the meta or it’s going to be a big disadvantage to us.

I talked to Steak and he said that it was difficult to improve in LMS, and that it doesn’t prepare your team to play internationally. Would you agree or disagree with this and what is the main difference between playing in your domestic region versus playing at an international tournament?

The biggest challenge in coming here is that every team has a different playstyle and what we practiced to get here many not be what we end up playing in games.

You guys have shifted to a more bot-lane focused style as well. Is that something you’ve picked up while you’ve been here due to the meta?

In LMS we played a lot of bot-lane focused comps with Ashe and Varus, who are both very strong champions. Our top laner isn’t as good at fighter champs so Karsa doesn’t usually go to top lane anyway, so we still focus more on bot and mid.

This is a very close tournament outside of SKT in first place. Where do you see Flash Wolves going forward from here?

We definitely have to improve a lot. For me, I’ve been ganked a lot of times in bot lane, so I have to improve and it’s not just me it’s the whole team. We have to improve a lot in order to advance.

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