The Future of Product Testing - How The Power Of PPOC Club Help Brands Improving Their Products

HOUSTON, TX / ACCESSWIRE / December 9, 2019 / With its first-ever campaign going live in December 2017 with a clunky system haphazardly connecting brands to customers, PPOC club has been on a path of exponential growth since. With the fastest growth in the platform’s history between the start and end of 2019.

PPOC Club is a platform where brands can leverage the power of the mass-mind, by asking specific questions about their own products or the competition. In this era where E-commerce is becoming the new main growth path for many brands, understanding competition, and standing out from the crowd has to be mastered at a much higher level. Products in physical stores grab attention much different compared to products appearing in search results.

The hurdle for most brands is how to get in touch with a large base of well-trained people. That's a problem PPOC club solved successfully with its ever-growing database of members.

For new members joining, the system has a universal and basic design. Then, as the new member starts to become more active on the platform - testing more and more products, completing more and more questionnaires - the features of PPOC club change rapidly for the members as more content and exciting campaigns are unlocked. The gamification of PPOC club where active members are rewarded, and benefits growth-based on specific profile metrics, is a smart move. This keeps members engaged, and only the best make it through to the end. However, trying to crack the code of how to become a member is not an easy task. The algorithms of the platform seem to have been designed to detect if people are worthy members, or not. Based on specific metrics, members get upgraded or downgraded in the system.

In exchange for completing certain tasks, members receive cashback on products. These tasks include questionnaires while comparing similar products from different brands, complete polls on images, comparing search results, and sharing first sight opinions about many things as videos, headlines, and content. These tasks are divided into separate campaigns. There are pieces of training that become available based on member metrics, where people are trained to become influencers, join affiliate networks, how to make quality product testimonial videos, how to post about products and brands, and more. All this content help regular people to make a dime or two on the world wide web.

Rumors are floating PPOC club is working on a mobile app where invitations will be pushed towards you based on geolocation and pushing local-company campaigns directly to the smartphone of its members. The mobile app would be a great solution to help members to complete tasks on time. Or to accept campaign invitations all day long. This did improve compared to early 2019, where new campaigns and units became available on fixed times during the day, resulting in multiple members refreshing their screen, for example, around 9 am EST.

PPOC club’s system is already an interesting one to explore, but it seems to be on a path of growth that makes it an unprecedented platform with so many unique options. As it is not easy to get access, unfortunately, they seem not to be on the hunt actively for new members.

Looking at the sales number of brands working with PPOC club, compared to the numbers before they implemented those strategies, there is a noticeable difference.

For more information about PPOC, contact the company here:

Daniel, 337 Garden Oaks Blvd #48879, Houston, Texas 77018-5501, USA


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