Future orthodontist Ince signs with Marshall

May 7—Kyndall Ince knows that one day she will end up at West Virginia University. In order to reach her career goal, that's the way it has to be.

She's also not ready to see her track career come to an end. So, the future orthodontist is headed to Marshall to join the Thundering Herd's track and field team. She signed her letter of intent Tuesday in the school auditorium.

"I'm super excited," the Woodrow Wilson senior said. "It's a great opportunity and I am so lucky for them to have wanted me and believed in me enough to come there and run for them."

Concord had offered Ince, and she was considering WVU just for its dentistry program. WVU is the only school in the state that offers dentistry.

"But I fell in love with Marshall," she said. "The campus, everything about it. And then running just came along with it."

Ince competes in the 100 and is on the 4x100, 4x200 and shuttle hurdle relay teams. As of Tuesday she has the state's 10th best performance in the 100 (12.83) and all three relay teams are in the top 10 as well as they look to carry momentum to Friday's Class AAA Region 3 Championships in Charleston.

Just as Ince is prepared for the track postseason, she is also getting a jump on her future. She works at Shady Spring Dental Office as she takes the opening steps toward learning the craft.

"I jumped right on to that opportunity, because I'm learning all the basics I need to know about dentistry, because I want to be an orthodontist," Ince said. "It's more than dentistry. You have to know dentistry before you know orthodontics.

"It's super helpful. I'm getting to do hands-on work there. It's definitely teaching me a lot. And hopefully it looks good on a resumé."

As can be imagined, Ince has a full schedule.

"I'll go to school from 7:20 to 10:30 (a.m.). I get out early because I had already had all my high school credits. I only had two more credits to earn this year," she said. "Then as soon as I leave school I go straight to work, and then at about 2 o'clock — some days I miss a little bit of practice — I'll go straight from work to practice. So it's definitely a busy schedule, but it keeps me going. It makes life exciting and stressful and all of the above."

Ince is in a good spot, with her distant and immediate futures all planned out.

"There's pre-dentistry there (at Marshall)," she said. "But this is just starting me out. I'll run my four years or however long at Marshall and then I'll end up at WVU. It's just I want to run. I want to continue running, and Marshall was where I wanted to go."

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