Furious Lakers fan uses shoe to knock LeBron James' face off Kobe Bryant mural

LeBron James might be a member of the Los Angeles Lakers now, but a portion of fans still remain loyal to Kobe Bryant. While a fair number of Lakers fans can appreciate their new superstar, some aren’t willing to embrace James yet … especially when that appreciation comes at Bryant’s expense.

Take this one fan, for instance. When he noticed a Kobe Bryant mural had been “defaced” with a picture of LeBron James, he took it upon himself to knock James’ face off the picture.

What did the Lakers fan do when he saw LeBron’s face on Kobe’s mural?

He threw his shoe at it, of course.

It took the fan 10 throws of his shoe before the picture of James’ face finally came floating down. That’s dedication.

As James’ face floats down to the sidewalk, the fan gives it another shoe swipe before it hits the ground. We don’t know what became of the picture of James’ face. The video cuts off just before we could get an answer.

Why did the Lakers fan throw his shoe at the Kobe Bryant mural?

In the tweet, the fan says putting LeBron’s picture on the mural was a form of “blasphemy.” He says he “had to do what was right,” before thanking LeBron for signing with the Lakers. He then lets everyone know Kobe is “still the king of L.A.”

LeBron James vs. Kobe Bryant

The debate over which player is better — LeBron James or Kobe Bryant — has been a topic of conversation among Lakers fans for years now. Some of those who adamantly defend Bryant are still sorting through their feelings after James signed with the club.

It doesn’t have to be this way. We could point out that it’s possible to acknowledge that both players excelled on the court, but we don’t want anyone to throw a shoe at us.

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This Lakers fan wouldn’t stand for LeBron James’ face on Kobe Bryant’s mural. (Screenshot via @andoneperez on Twitter)
This Lakers fan wouldn’t stand for LeBron James’ face on Kobe Bryant’s mural. (Screenshot via @andoneperez on Twitter)

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