Fun Q&A with Patriots rookie defensive tackle Sam Roberts

Sam Roberts is one heck of an athlete and one of my favorite players the Patriots selected in the 2022 NFL draft.

His rare size (6’5, 295lbs) and explosiveness should translate very well to the NFL game. In an interview through Twitter messenger, I had the pleasure of connecting with Roberts and asked him a few questions about life in the NFL and who he is as a person.

He was selected in the sixth round at No. 200 out of Northwest Missouri State. In four seasons with the Bearcats program, he most notably won the Cliff Harris Award, which honors the best, small college defensive player in the nation. Current Patriots’ safety, Kyle Dugger, was also a recipient of this award in 2020 when he was selected in the second round.


Cam: It’s been a few months since you were drafted. What’s it been like for you jumping into NFL training camp?

Sam: “It’s definitely been an adjustment coming from Northwest Missouri State. Everything at this level is elevated and everyone is good, so there’s never-ending competition. It’s been a fun experience so far and I’m ready for what’s to come.”

Cam: I know you mentioned before that you were a Patriots fan growing up. What moment sticks in your mind most in Patriots’ history?

Sam: “The 2017 Super Bowl, coming back from that 28-3 deficit. That was my freshman year of college. So I watched it in my dorm…had a few noise complaints…”

Cam: What is your favorite part about being in the NFL, so far?

Sam: “Favorite part is competing against the best daily. Being around great players pushes you to be better. The vets also pour a lot of wisdom into us young fits. So getting that knowledge is awesome.”

Cam: What is one area of your game you feel is the strongest, and one area you wish to improve on?

Sam: “As for improvement, I’m just trying to improve my overall game, all facets of my game to be able to EXCEL at this level.”

Cam: What is your go-to, pre-game meal?

Sam: “Definitely gotta get me some seafood in the day before the game and some pasta. The best pasta is “Anthony’s Pasta” from A&G in Maryville Missouri!”

Cam: Favorite movie of all time?

Sam: “Real Steel


Cam: Favorite TV show right now?

Sam: “Stranger Things or Sweet Life”

Cam: What’s your guilty pleasure that probably isn’t on the nutrition plan for NFL athletes?

Sam: “Love me some white macadamia nut cookies and chocolate chip”

Cam: Are you into conspiracy theories? What’s one you totally believe in if so?

Sam: “I believe there may be a little truth in all theories


Cam: If you could pick one superpower what would it be?

Sam: “Ability to read minds”

Cam: If you weren’t playing football, what would you be doing? Is there any specific hobby or passion you have outside of the game?

Sam: “Grad school working towards something in the healthcare field. Love working with the elderly.”

Cam: Last Question! What’s one thing you want to let Patriots Nation know as we get closer to the season?



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Story originally appeared on Patriots Wire