Fun context on why Orlando Brown Jr. picked Bengals over Jets, Steelers

With free agency looming, could the Cincinnati Bengals once again be an attractive destination for some of the biggest names in football?

They certainly were last year when Orlando Brown Jr.’s reps reached out to the Bengals, not the other way around, resulting in a massive deal.

One of those advisors to Brown, Jammal Brown, recently spoke with Geoff Hobson of and revealed that the team’s new left tackle was also in talks with other AFC rivals.

“The one thing about the Jets was they were talking about acquiring Aaron Rodgers and that would have been a great opportunity for Orlando to block for a guy like that,” Jammal Brown said. “As we were talking about those teams, Orlando talked about what it was like to play the Bengals. How they always seemed fresh. He said he would play them in December and they were like it was in week two. ‘They do it the right way.’

The praise didn’t stop there, as Jammal Brown added this: “And he respects the hell out of Joe.”

We already knew — via OBJ himself — that he turned down better offers in free agency because he wanted to join the Bengals and play left tackle.

But to hear some of the additional context from those around Brown is fun for fans. And it’s also a reminder that some of the big-name free agents this year might feel the same way — Joe Burrow and Co. are that big of a draw right now.

Story originally appeared on Bengals Wire