The full trailer for Kevin Durant’s movie “Thunderstruck” is here (VIDEO)

On the night that the Oklahoma City Thunder clinched a berth in the NBA Finals, TNT premiered the first trailer for "Thunderstruck," a comedy for kids starring OKC superstar Kevin Durant. It didn't look like it would supplant "Vertigo" as the official Greatest Film of All Time, but it appears as if it can serve its purpose as a late-summer diversion for children.

On Friday, the full 150-second trailer for "Thunderstruck" was released. Join us after the jump for some expert analysis.

The most important moment of this clip, at least for internet-related purposes, is the moment at which Durant's friend (or maybe business associate?) yells "You're terrible!" in his face during his magic-induced slump. Durant is not one to have especially terrible games, but we have now been blessed with the perfect GIF/short-form YouTube video to respond to the moment. For an internet culture that's become increasingly about instantaneous reaction, this development is very important.

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Plot-wise, it is interesting to note that Durant's slump causes the Thunder to fall towards the bottom of the Western Conference playoff picture. Last season, OKC finished second in the West, or 11 games ahead of eighth-place Utah (during a shortened 66-game season, of course). While the duration of Durant's problems goes unsaid in the trailer, it is somewhat remarkable that an NBA team could survive for any amount of time when their scoring-champion star can't even make a jumper in an empty gym.

Therefore, I can only assume that "Thunderstruck" includes a subplot in which point guard Russell Westbrook says "eff this noise," turns the Thunder into his team, and keeps them afloat during a Durant's months-long struggles. By picking up the mantle of leadership and indiscriminate scoring, Westbrook will prove that a real champion seizes the day and makes it his own.

So yes, "Thunderstruck" is supposedly a movie that teaches children about humility and honesty. But the real hero could be the one man who threw common decency away and took over when his team needed him most.

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