Full Team Set Bottlenecks

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In the previous Top Shot Bottleneck columns I’ve written, I’ve put more of an emphasis on Series Team Set completions (with a focus on Series 2), but for this column, I want to focus on some of the Series 1 bottlenecks for Full Team Set completions.

As a reminder, for Full Team Set completions you do not need to acquire every Moment from each set, but rather every player that was ever released for a given team and doing so will grant you a 2.5x Collector Score boost for every Moment you have on that team. That means by completing a Full Team Set, a Series 2 Common that can be purchased for as low as $3, will count as 30 points towards your Collect Score instead of just 12.

Now, I wanted to put a spotlight on the Series 1 bottlenecks because the Series 1 Run It Back Set has created some massive bottlenecks. Because that set only has an Edition Size of 275 – or fewer for some of the Reward Moments – that means only a total of 275 total collectors are even able to complete these sets. So, if you’re new to the game and would like a Full Team Set that won’t break your bank, then it might be best to avoid the teams with these massively expensive Moments.

I will list each team, from least expensive to most expensive, but most my analysis will focus on the nine teams that are not tied to a Series 1 Run It Back bottleneck, and I will zero in on players who are unlikely to have their Series 1 bottlenecks broken during Series 3. As an example, Eric Bledsoe has a relatively expensive (but non-RIB) Series 1 bottleneck for Full Team Set completion of Milwaukee, and I wouldn’t expect that bottleneck to break during Series 3, because it wouldn’t make a ton of sense for Top Shot to make more Eric Bledsoe Milwaukee Moments – I don’t think this is something the Milwaukee fanbase is clamoring for.

Lastly, some of these bottlenecks will have multiple Moments, but because they have switched teams, they will not be receiving any additional Moments for that team during Series 3 – barring an appearance in one of the historical drops. I’m also not going to be focusing on bottlenecks from the Summer 21 Series, as I’ve already covered that in detail in previous columns. The number in parenthesis next to a player represents the lowest ask of their cheapest Moment.

Teams without a Series 1 RIB Bottleneck

Charlotte: 14 players ($181)

Series 1: No true bottlenecks

Because all of the players who appeared in Series 1 for Charlotte also appeared in Series 2, this set does not have a true Series 1 bottleneck, making it one of the more attractive Full Team Sets to go after. There are a handful of guys you’ll have to overpay for in Series 2 to complete the Full Team Set (Bismack Biyombo at $21, Brad Wanamaker at $27 and Malik Monk at $46), but the most expensive guy on this team is LaMelo Ball, and he’s already had a cheaper option introduced in Series 3. Ball’s Series 3 Moment currently has a lowest ask of $40, but I’d expect that number to get lower upon its full release, as it currently only has 50% of the total supply in circulation.

Minnesota: 15 players ($222)

Series 1: No true bottlenecks

Series 2: Juancho Hernangomez ($16), Jarrett Culver ($12)

Minnesota is another attractive option at just $222 to complete the Full Team Set, and it only has two lame players from Series 2 that you will need to acquire in order to do it.

New Orleans: 14 players ($396)

Series 1: Jrue Holiday ($170)

Series 2: James Johnson ($5), Steven Adams ($4)

Holiday’s bottleneck could eventually get snapped, as he spent a decent amount of years in New Orleans, but it seems unlikely that that will occur during Series 3. James Johnson and Steven Adams are hardly true bottlenecks, as they currently won’t cost you more than $5, so the second-most expensive Moment in this Full Team Set is the rookie Chris Paul in the New Orleans’ Hornets jerseys. However, the lowest ask on his Archive Set Moment is currently no more than $43, and that’s one I’d recommend buying anyway given that CP3 is guaranteed to be a first ballot Hall of Famer.

Utah: 12 players ($471)

Series 1: Jarrell Brantley ($345)

Series 2: Georges Niang ($6)

Summer 21: Deron Williams ($12)

This Utah Set is on the cheaper end, but it has one of the most unattractive bottlenecks in Jarrell Brantley, as he was a late, second-round pick (No. 50 to be precise) who only lasted two years in the league. He also only made a total of 37, very brief appearances over those two years in the NBA, and he owns career averages of 2.4 points and 1.3 rebounds per game on 43.8% shooting from the field and 53.1% at the line. Top Shot made a lot of mistakes during Series 1, but this was one of their more egregious errors. It’s almost impressive that they were able to find a highlight of this man to turn into a Moment, but why they chose to do so will forever remain a mystery. #WhyBrantley

Houston: 24 players ($598)

Series 1: Russell Westbrook ($189), Austin Rivers ($83), James Harden ($158)*

Series 2: Sterling Brown ($5), DaQuan Jeffries ($5), David Nwaba ($5), Mason Jones ($30)

Because James Harden’s only Series 2 Moment is a Rare, his Series 1 Common is actually cheaper, so that’s the one I’d go after if I were trying to build this Full Team Set. The bottlenecks in Series 2 are annoying, but they won’t cost you an arm and a leg, like Jarrell Brantley.

Milwaukee: 16 players ($620)

Series 1: Eric Bledsoe ($319)

Series 2: Sam Merrill ($20)

The Series 1 Eric Bledsoe bottleneck accounts for about half of the cost of Milwaukee’s Full Team Set, but one of the attractive features of this one is that all of Series 2 has that championship badge, making it the champ set. I seriously doubt that Bledsoe, who was only in Milwaukee for three seasons, will be receiving another Milwaukee Moment any time soon, so that bottleneck should hold for quite some time. As for Merrill, while he hasn’t shown us anything to this point in his career, I still have some marginal faith that he could develop into a solid role player at some point, so that $20 to complete the champ set isn’t nearly as bad as the $300+ someone would need to spend on Brantley (are you sensing a theme here?).

Toronto: 20 players ($651)

Series 1: Norman Powell ($295), Serge Ibaka ($215)

Series 2: Stanley Johnson ($14), DeAndre’ Bembry ($6), Aron Baynes ($10)

Completing the Toronto Full Team Set would involve collecting a lot of players who likely won’t age well, with the bottlenecks above being illustrative examples of my concern here. This is not one I would personally pursue.

Denver: 21 players ($724)

Series 1: Jerami Grant ($118), Torrey Craig ($130)

Series 2: Paul Millsap ($15)

Summer 21: Andre Miller ($345)

Andre Miller was one of the few players who received a Summer 21, Run It Back Moment, without also getting a far cheaper, Archive Set counterpart, meaning that only 990 total collectors will be able to complete this set as long as that bottleneck lasts. Craig at $130 is a tough pill to swallow, but the rest aren’t that bad.

San Antonio: 19 players ($1,656)

Series 1: None
Summer 21: Kawhi Leonard ($700)

The Spurs used to have one of the most expensive Full Team Sets to complete, but Top Shot obliterated the bottlenecks of Tony Parker, Manu Ginobili and Tim Duncan with recent releases of far cheaper options, thus making it more affordable. Kawhi Leonard’s Vintage Vibes Moment is now one of the more expensive bottlenecks in this set with a $700 lowest ask and only 751 total in circulation, meaning that only 751 total collectors will be able to get this entire set.

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Team with RIB bottleneck

Below is a list of the teams with Series 1 Run It Back bottlenecks, again, meaning that only 275 total collectors can complete these Full Team Sets. The RIB bottleneck Moments are identified with an asterisk. Three of the RIB bottlenecks are Reward Moments, Ray Allen for Miami, Paul George for Indiana and Kevin Durant for Oklahoma City, and those two bottlenecks have an Edition Size of 201, 191 and 209, respectively.

Detroit: 24 players ($1,118)

Series 1: Kentavious Caldwell-Pope ($795)*, Derrick Rose ($39), Langston Galloway ($30), Bruce Brown ($32), Christian Wood ($60), Svi Mykhailiuk ($30)

Like we saw with James Harden, because Derrick Rose’s Series 2 Detroit Moment is a Rare, his Series 1 Common Moment is far more affordable at just $39 compared to $599.

Washington: 22 players ($1,348)

Series 1: Otto Porter Jr. ($880)*, Moritz Wagner ($31), Shabazz Napier ($73)

Memphis: 19 players ($1,309)

Series 1: Marc Gasol ($985)*, Josh Jackson ($40)

Sacramento: 21 players ($1,630)

Series 1: DeMarcus Cousins ($850)*, Harry Giles ($375), Bogdan Bogdanovic ($34), Nemanja Bjelica ($33)

Orlando: 20 players ($1,695)

Series 1: Jameer Nelson ($859)*, Victor Oladipo ($625), Markelle Fultz ($45)

Dallas: 18 players ($1,764)

Series 1: Shawn Marion ($1,499)*, Seth Curry ($69), Delon Wright ($58)

Atlanta: 21 players ($1,834)

Series 1: Dennis Schroder ($850)*, Jeff Teague ($145), Vince Carter ($690)

L.A. Clippers: 18 players ($1,832)

Series 1: Chris Paul ($1,609)*, Montrezl Harrell ($48), JaMychal Green ($35), Landry Shamet ($32)

Cleveland: 19 players ($1,994)

Series 1: Anderson Varejao ($1,295)*, Kevin Porter Jr. ($124)

Boston: 17 players ($2,152)

Series 1: Kelly Olynyk ($1,899)*, Enes Kanter ($70)*

Kanter is back in Boston this season, and while he’s only logged a total of 31 minutes through the first 15 games of the season, it’s possible he could receive another Moment during Series 3 that won’t sell for much more than $3. They might do it for the sole purpose of breaking up this Series 1 bottleneck.

Chicago: 19 players ($2,211)

Series 1: Jimmy Butler ($1,900)*, Luke Kornet ($47)

Portland: 14 players ($2,283)

Series 1: Mo Williams ($2,000)*, Trevor Ariza ($50), Hassan Whiteside ($44)

Phoenix: 19 players ($2,492)

Series 1: Leandro Barbosa ($1,899)*, Ricky Rubio ($56), Kelly Oubre Jr. ($45)

Indiana: 19 players ($3,151)

Series 1: Paul George ($2,499)*, Roy Hibbert ($470)*

Philadelphia: 18 players ($4,008)

Series 1: Michael Carter-Williams ($1,750)*, Al Horford ($42), Josh Richardson ($32)

Golden State: 22 players ($4,201)

Series 1: Andrew Bogut ($3,700)*, Ky Bowman ($69), Marquese Chriss ($40)

Miami: 21 players ($4,791)

Series 1: Ray Allen ($3,050)*, Chris Bosh ($1,299)*, Jae Crowder ($93), Kelly Olynyk ($42)

New York: 19 players ($5,252)

Series 1: Carmelo Anthony ($3,225)*, Amare Stoudemire ($1,750)*, Dennis Smith Jr. ($51), Reggie Bullock ($36)

L.A. Lakers: 21 players ($5,748)

Series 1: Steve Nash ($4,900)*, JaVale McGee ($79), Danny Green ($104)

Brooklyn: 25 players ($6,024)

Series 1: Kevin Garnett ($2,999)*, Paul Pierce ($1,999)*, Brook Lopez ($810)*, Jarrett Allen ($43)

Oklahoma City (and Seattle): 25 players ($33,063)

Series 1: Kevin Durant ($32,000)*, Nick Collison ($510), Chris Paul ($86), Danilo Gallinari ($31), Nerlens Noel ($32)