Frozen Fruit Roll-Ups are TikTok's latest food frenzy

Frozen Fruit Roll-Ups are TikTok's latest food frenzy. Frozen Fruit Roll-Ups are the latest snack craze taking over TikTok. Frozen Fruit Roll-Ups, TikTok’s latest culinary experiment, is unleashing a wave of nostalgia among millennials and zoomers alike. As demonstrated by TikToker Janelle Rohner (@janellerohner), the process for making the retro treat simply involves unrolling the Fruit Roll-Ups and popping them in the freezer for a few hours. The finished product is an assortment of colorful Fruit Roll-Up sheets that pack a satisfying crunch. “My teeth say no, but my heart says yes,” seemed to be the general consensus among viewers . “Just the sound by itself makes my teeth hurt,” said one viewer in response

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