Frontenac Softball’s 2024 Season: A Year of Adversity and Triumph

Frontenac Softball’s 2024 Season: A Year of Adversity and Triumph

FRONTENAC, KS – Frontenac softball is no stranger to success, but the team’s 2024 season, would be one to remember.

For Frontenac high school junior pitcher Avery Johnson and senior outfielder Abi Beaman, their families have always been their number one fans. In Johnson’s case, she said her father is very supportive.

“My dad has my back,” said Johnson.

“He thinks he’s the assistant to the assistant coach, so he’s always in and out of the dugout trying to coach me up on the side.”

Abi Beaman mentioned her grandparents and their constant commitment to attending her games.

“My grandparents make it to all of the games first,” said Beaman.

“I think my papa is there before the bus normally.”

Frontenac head softball coach Cassie Rheums knows no different. Rheums’ father, Francis Buche, cheered her and her team on for years.

“My father has been a part of my program since I started coaching 17 years ago,” said Rheums.

“My dad never missed a game, and would sit right next to me on the bucket in the dugout.”

In the beginning of the 2024 season, tragedy struck, Rheums would lose her father to illness. The Frontenac coach said her girls realized 2024 was bigger than softball.

“We always say to be relentless,” said Beaman.

“Relentless is what coach’s dad [Francis Buche] always used to tell us. We put “P4F” on all of our shirts in memory of him, it would stand for “play for France.”

The girls would continue to be relentless all year long, but also in support of their coach.

“They embraced me,” said Rheums.

“They embraced my family, my children, and everyone. They really made it a place of peace for us. A place of fun and a place of happiness, and when you can come somewhere for those sorts of things during a hard time, it makes it a little bit easier to handle in the moment.”

On May 24th, 2024, Frontenac softball would win the state championship in Topeka, Kansas. Hoisting up the trophy for the fourth time, this year’s was sweeter than them all.

“It was something very special this year and I’m very thankful,” said Rheums.

“I’ll never be able to repay them for what they’ve done for me in this time of my life.”

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