From Swaggy to 'Oh, s---': Nick Young crashes toboggan while riding down Great Wall of China (Video)

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Hey, Los Angeles Lakers? I get that traveling to foreign lands is super fun, and that taking advantage of the unique opportunities offered in far-flung destinations is one of the great joys of international travel ... but for the remainder of your stay in China to play a pair of preseason games against the Golden State Warriors, maybe you should cool it with the toboggan rides down the Great Wall of China.

First, newly acquired big man Chris Kaman got his middle finger smashed between his own cart and one driven by teammate Shawne Williams at the bottom of the Mutianyu portion of the wall. And now, thanks to the Instagram account of point guard Jordan Farmar, we can see what happened when swingman Nick Young — whose confidence, of course, is well established — attempted to swaggily speed his way down the steep hill. (Head's up: There's one instance of shock-induced NSFW language in the first clip.)

Young appears to have come away from the accident without any real incident; like Kaman before him, he figures to be fine for the Lakers' Tuesday exhibition against Stephen Curry and company. Still, though, it'd probably be a good idea for coach Mike D'Antoni, general manager Mitch Kupchak and the rest of the L.A. brass to keep the likes of a still-recuperating Kobe Bryant, a still-figuring-it-out Steve Nash and a still-negotiating Pau Gasol away from this particular means of conveyance down from the lofty peak of one of the [Insert Number Here] Wonders of the World. Sometimes, as Swaggy P can now attest, a discretion-filled cable car ride down can be the better part of valor. (Plus, you get to really enjoy the view instead of worrying about ... well ... this.)

Hat-tip to The 700 Level.

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