Froggy Fresh, Money Maker Mike, ’90s Bulls-Knicks unis + lowered rims: This is ‘Dunked On’

Ball Don't Lie

I mean, sure, I could sit here and go into detail about how Froggy Fresh, f.k.a. Krispy Kreme, is a probably-kidding-but-possibly-not rapper who once bragged that he “could beat you up even if you had one thousand knives, even if you had infinity knives” and how his "X-Factor" "blaze video" is pretty great, and how his ongoing narrative feud with nemesis James is oddly compelling, but you don't REALLY need to know all that to appreciate this.

Instead, let's just listen to the epic tale of a two-on-two driveway game that included a plethora of sweet dunks in the breathless pursuit of a tin-foil O'Brien. And then let's re-listen to it, because that beat actually kind of knocks and "Dunked On" is actually pretty fun, in spite of the whole "making me re-live the Jordan-Pippen Chicago Bulls' 1990s dominance of the New York Knicks" thing. (Seriously, though, you have to appreciate the attention to detail in Froggy's M.J. get-up, and the late-video shoutouts to some other dynamic '90s NBA pairs.)

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Thanks for the hot jam, Froggy Fresh and Money Maker Mike. Also: Get it together, James.

Hat-tip to Byron Crawford, who I've heard has the mindset of a champion.

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