'Frivolous and expensive': Support our election officials; reject AccuVote ban — Letters

David Scanlan, N.H. deputy secretary of state, said in three decades the state has been using the AccuVote machines, their experience is that they have been reliable.

Support Greenland’s election officials and vote no on December 18.

Dec. 8 — To the Editor:

I’m encouraging Greenland voters to reject a frivolous and expensive petitioned warrant article that calls for getting rid of the AccuVote machine that tabulates our votes.

Greenland has been using voting machines since our population passed 2,500 with no contested elections and only one recount where the hand count confirmed the machine results.

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AccuVote is approved by the independent New Hampshire Ballot Law Commission. During the Nov. 13 deliberative session our town moderator and town clerk described how they meticulously prepare for and follow-up on each and every election.

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This process includes testing and retesting both the ballots and the vote counting machines for accuracy, while supervisors of the checklist vote to confirm the names and addresses of registered voters for every election. Not one of the over 150 people attending the Nov. 13, deliberative session supported the claim that someone other than the voter determines the vote. There is no voter fraud in Greenland because our local election officials are sworn to safeguard our democratic process. I will be showing my support for our dedicated town officials by voting NO on December 18 on this nuisance warrant article.

Dennis Malloy

State representative Greenland/Newington NH


If my vaccination can save one life, then I’m all in

Dec. 8 -- To the Editor:

I was at a military cemetery recently. Acres of white crosses. I am sure that some were fervent volunteers, some were reluctant and some didn’t really believe in the conflicts they were in. But, when the greater good of our country calls Americans to serve, we do.

The current distrust of our pandemic response and the vilification of our leaders, our first responders, our hospital staff is beyond baffling to me. If my vaccination can save one life then I’m all in. I don’t feel like my rights are being removed. Being dead or having long haul symptoms is a loss of my real rights of bodily integrity!

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The inability to budge any of these misinformed folks is unexplainable to me. I admit I have just had to excommunicate some of these people. And, if it was just COVID misinformation that would be enough but the addition of other topics like Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre, 9/11 conspiracies, voter fraud, Trump won, Jan. 6 and CRT, destroy all my faith that reason can prevail.

Sometimes our country and the well being of our citizens asks each of us to do things we may or may not agree with. Yet, the greater good is and should be our unity. Get vaccinated, get boosted and wear a mask! You don’t need more information. The information is quite clear ICU beds and death is the nearly exclusive domain of the unvaccinated.

The Pearl Harbor death toll was about 2,500 lives. Covid is killing about 1100 every day. If you could do something to save a few lives .....would you?

Stephen Little


Gerrymandered congressional districts are an affront to NH values

Dec. 7 – To the Editor:

New Hampshire has a long and proud legacy of non-partisan, independent thought, as evidenced by the fact that the number of Undeclared voters far exceeds those of either the Republican or Democratic party. The proposal for reconfiguring the New Hampshire U.S. congressional districts, which is headed to the New Hampshire House of Representatives for a vote Jan. 5 puts that legacy at risk.

In a short-sighted partisan power grab, the Republicans on the Redistricting Committee has put forth a plan they believe will elect a Republican to the U.S. Congress in 2022. To do that, they propose massive changes to New Hampshire’s congressional districts, which have remained nearly the same for 140 years. Balancing the districts can be accomplished by moving 1 town between districts. The Republicans propose moving 75 towns/city wards, impacting roughly one quarter of NH’s population. And we don’t have to guess at their motivation; N.H. GOP Chair Stephen Stepanek told us last January – “… we control redistricting. I can stand here today and guarantee you that we will send a conservative Republican to Washington DC as a Congressperson in 2022.”

The side effect of attempting to create a safely Republican district is to pack Democratic leaning communities into the other district. People of New Hampshire should not stand for this type of behavior; everyone’s vote should count – and elections should be won or lost by the best candidate, regardless of party. Over the past 30 years, we’ve had a healthy balance between parties; NH representation in Congress has changed between Republican and Democratic candidates five times in each district. As Governor Chris Sununu himself commented when asked about redistricting, “It has to pass the smell test, right?” he said. “You know, when you have lines crossing all over the -- no, we’re not doing any of that. We typically never have here in New Hampshire.”

Let’s let our State Representatives know we will not stand for blatant and partisan short-term attempts to influence election results. Ask your Representative to vote NO when the redistricting proposal comes before the House in January. And – if the proposal makes it to his desk, let’s hold Governor Sununu accountable; if he is a man of his word, he should veto this affront to our New Hampshire values.

Laura Currier Carty


I urge Gov. Sununu to reject blatantly gerrymandered district maps

Dec. 7 -- To the Editor:

Open Letter to Gov. Sununu:

Gerrymandering rigs elections to produce a desired result. The congressional district map crafted to produce a predictable outcome was approved in committee by the Republican majority, designed to fulfill the wishes of the Chair of the Republican State Committee, Stephen Stepanek, who infamously bragged on January 28 of this year: “Because of this [Republican majority] we control redistricting. I can stand here today and guarantee you that we will send a conservative Republican to Washington D.C. as a Congressperson in 2022.”

In announcing his support for rigging congressional elections, he knowingly and grossly undermines the political influence of Republican votes cast in District #2, representing one-half the state’s population. Republican voters need be offended. As intended, the value of votes cast by Democrats in District #1 is grossly diminished. This is not Democracy. This is election fraud. And its direct bias lasts for ten years.

I urge you to veto any district map that guarantees biased election results. Indeed, you publicly stated you would veto any map that doesn’t first pass the “smell test.” That’s a subjective standard. You could decide that fair maps produce an objectionable odor. The congressional district map creates a profile of Pinocchio, who, with extended nose, has taken a whiff of this map and declared it unfit for passage into law. Gov. Sununu, follow Pinocchio’s lead on this.

NH voters may decide next year whose sense of smell, integrity, and state leadership is preferred.

Bob Perry


This article originally appeared on Portsmouth Herald: 'Frivolous and expensive': Reject AccuVote ban in Greenland NH