Friends' heated debate leaves TikTok confused: 'This made my brain hurt'

Friends' heated debate leaves TikTok confused: 'This made my brain hurt'. Two bros argued over the difference between an ounce and a fluid ounce, and it was very heated. TikToker John Finke went viral when he posted a spicy (but goofy) conversation with his friend. His buddy could not wrap his head around the idea of an ounce and a fluid ounce being two different units of measurement. "One fluid ounce always weighs one ounce," the friend insisted. "The amount of fluid is variable" . "A fluid ounce is a volume, not a weight," Finke explained. "An ounce is a weight! Always has been, always will be," the friend exclaimed. "But not a fluid ounce. A fluid ounce is a volume!" Finke shouted, clapping his hands for emphasis. His friend still did not get it. He insisted that it would be the same amount. The video eventually ends with his friend still totally confused. TikTok appreciated the debate, and the video racked up 2.9 million views. Well, it turns out Finke was correct. An ounce measures weight, while a fluid ounce measures volume. Weight relates to density, whereas volume relates to the amount of space taken up