'Friday the 13th' slayer Jason Voorhees endorses mask-wearing in a new PSA

Ethan Alter
·Senior Writer, Yahoo Entertainment
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'Friday the 13th' slayer Jason Voorhees endorses mask-wearing in a new PSA

Public health officials like Dr. Anthony Fauci have been emphasizing the need for the public to wear masks as the coronavirus pandemic intensifies across the country. Now, that message is being echoed by one of America’s most famous masked (boogey)men. Friday the 13th slayer Jason Voorhees, stars in a new PSA created by the ad agency, Ogilvy, about the importance of masking up. (Watch the ad below.)

The short video, which was posted to Ogilvy’s social media channels, features Jason wandering past famous Manhattan landmarks while wearing his trademark hockey mask, but significantly not a face mask. “It’s not easy,” he ruminates in voiceover as everyday New Yorkers run to stay out of his way — not because of his summer camper body count, but due to his lack of a mouth covering. “A mask kind of makes people uncomfortable. I wish everyone could see me for who I am ... just trying to fit in.” Eventually, a young girl welcomes into the mask-wearing fold, offering him a medical mask before retreating to a socially distant space.

On Instagram, Ogilvy notes that many New Yorkers — especially younger residents — need to be reminded of the importance of wearing masks. Hence the team-up with a pop-culture icon like Jason, who has been scaring moviegoers for 40 years. “How can we get them to pay attention to this life-saving message? Tap into pop culture and entertain them. Don't preach. Don't fear-monger. Do the opposite. Make them smile, engage and share with their peers.”

So far, Ogivly’s Jason PSA is getting a lot of engagement on social media.

Your move, Freddy Krueger.

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