Friday’s Hot Clicks: Grayson Allen Got Ejected for Doing Grayson Allen Things

Dan Gartland

Grayson Allen is at it again

As the non-stop upheaval of the NBA offseason leaves the league landscape looking more and more unfamiliar every day, we can take solace in the fact that one thing will never change. Grayson Allen will always be a goon. 

Allen, whose Duke tenure is most memorable not for the NCAA championship but for his constant thuggery, was ejected from a Summer League game on Thursday night after a pair of incidents with Celtics rookie Grant Williams

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Allen, now playing for the Grizzlies after being sent from Utah in the Mike Conley trade, first shoved Williams to the ground and was issued a Flagrant 1 foul. He was then ejected after a taking a swing at Williams’s head on the very next play. 

ESPN commentator Dan Dakich nailed it with his analysis there. Allen isn’t even a tough player. If he was a gritty, physical player like Grizzlies legend Tony Allen he’d be able to get away with that kind of behavior. But he actually tends to shy away from contact during the course of play, which makes his little outbursts seem petulant and cowardly more than anything. 

The NBA never sleeps

Just when you thought the NBA news cycle had died down, the Thunder had to go out and trade Russell Westbrook to the Rockets. It’s an equally risky for both teams, with OKC deciding to blow up its entire core in the span of less than a week and the Rockets mortgaging their future to bet on a Harden-Westbrook pairing. 

Thunder fans are no doubt in shock, but no one has been as thoroughly humiliated as the mayor of Oklahoma City. When the Thunder failed to make any major moves at the opening of free agency, Mayor David Holt tweeted that he glad to see the team running it back with the same guys. 

This, of course, comes after he celebrated George’s 2018 decision to re-sign by giving him his own day. 

That’s alright, though. Mayor Holt can dedicate a whole week to the eight first-round picks the Thunder acquired in their recent flurry of activity. 

The best of SI

The Rockets trading for Russell Westbrook reeks of desperation. ... All-America lacrosse star Pat Spencer is transitioning to basketball at Northwestern. ... How did respected Penn assistant hoops coach Jerome Allen get caught up in the college sports bribery scandal? ... Trevor Lawrence can’t enter the draft for two years but NFL teams are already preparing for his arrival

Around the sports world

Titans coach Mike Vrabel, who already has three Super Bowl rings as a player, says he’s chop his manhood off to get one as a coach. ... Marshawn Lynch and Marcus Peters paid for a carnival day for a bunch of kids back home in Oakland. ... Hue Jackson says his pathetic run with the Browns was actually “some of the best coaching I did.”

Hockey players can’t dance

How else would Kerr deal with that chronic back pain?

Smooth as butter

Nothing to see here

Father-son team

Someone pulled the trigger a little early

Cricket is a contact sport

Don’t write checks your face can’t cash

Not sports

An impenetrable 3,000-pound safe was discovered under the parking lot of a Chicago synagogue. ... A bright blue body of water in Siberia popular with Instagram influencers is actually just a bunch of toxic waste. ... A Colombian bishop will sprinkle holy water from a helicopter to exorcise an entire city. ... Metallica is coming out with a children’s book

Coast Guard storms a drug-smuggling submarine

Worst commute ever

Dave Bautista is so funny

A good song

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