'Friction between loyal fans and one-off tourists'

Fulham fans hold cards saying "Please Don't Price Us Out" at a Premier League match
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A BBC Sport fans' questionnaire invited Premier League season ticket holders to share their views on the price they pay to watch their team.

You can read about the results and how they were collated here.

Fulham fans have held up yellow cards around Craven Cottage this season. The club has the most expensive non-corporate season ticket in the league. At £3,000, those who sit in certain areas of the new Riverside Stand pay more than £150 per home league match.

With its west London location on the banks of the Thames, Fulham has become one of the most popular destinations for global fans looking to see Premier League football during a trip to the capital.

"It causes a friction between loyal fans, who will stick with the club through thick and thin, and one-off tourists who want to come to London to watch a Premier League football match," said Sammy James, who hosts the Fulhamish podcast.

"I do get that tourist revenue is attractive, but that risks then cutting off your long term source of regular fans who will come every single week."

Sarah Keig, from the Fulham Lillies supporters group, said: "There will be a time when Fulham may find themselves back in the Championship again, and where are the supporters going to be then? [What if] you've priced them out, built this beautiful new stand, but nobody can afford to come and watch the football there?"

Fulham do still have season tickets available for less than £500 in certain areas of Craven Cottage. Next season all season tickets, except those in the Riverside Stand, will go up in price by 4%.