Emiliano Sala's former team reportedly threatens legal action over transfer fee as search for his body continues

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French soccer club Nantes is threatening legal action against Premier League club Cardiff to recover the transfer fee for Emiliano Sala, whose plane crashed into the English Channel, The Mirror reports.

Sala and his pilot David Ibbotson have been missing since shortly after their plane took off from France on Jan. 21. A search team found wreckage of the plane on Sunday in the English Channel, but bodies have not been recovered or identified

They are both presumed dead.

“Let’s hope they can rescue it as soon as possible to find out what happened and have some sort of certainty,” Sala’s father Horacio Sala told the Associated Press Monday. “I feel very empty. For a father to lose a son, is not something that you expect.”

Emiliano Sala’s former team Nantes is reportedly demanding transfer payment from Cardiff. (AP)
Emiliano Sala’s former team Nantes is reportedly demanding transfer payment from Cardiff. (AP)

Sala’s former club reportedly demanding payment

Sala was making the trip to Cardiff after the transfer to the Premier League club. Now, with the body in the wreckage not recovered or identified, his former club is demanding the £15 million transfer fee from Cardiff.

The Mirror reports that Nantes sent Cardiff an email last Thursday and followed up with a legal threat on Tuesday. In normal situations, an initial payment transfer payment is due seven days after a player signs.

Report: Cardiff letting investigation play out, intends to pay

Cardiff is looking into details about who owned the plane and who insured it as investigators work through weather difficulties to recover the body that’s been seen inside the wreckage, and they intend to meet their transfer obligations to Nantes, according to the Mirror report.

But with the body not yet identified and Sala’s family distraught, Cardiff is reportedly concerned about the timing of Nantes’ demand.

French club Bordeaux is also due a cut of the fee after Sala was under contract with them from 2012-15. The club denied last week that it had demanded its cut from Nantes. 

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