Freed from his school’s rules, that young Spurs fan has shaved Matt Bonner back into his head again

The protocol as you remember it, in the first days after the school year ends, holds up. The first week off? You sleep, the entire time. Keep the room clean, eat your vegetables, but mostly sleep while your body recovers and your parents get used to the idea that they have a kid in the house during weekday mornings and afternoons. The second week? Well, without any classes to attend for a few months, you go out and get a Matt Bonner image shaved back into your head, the same image your school's administrators needlessly and humorlessly threatened to suspend you for sporting just a month ago.

That's what San Antonio Spurs fan Patrick Gonzalez just did, and good for him for pulling it off again. Gonzalez, the 12-year-old who was threatened with an in-school suspension before deciding to shave Bonner's face off the back of his head, is back to serving as a walking tribute to the Spurs sharpshooter. And, we're guessing, distracting the dedicated summer school participants of Judson I.S.D. District by proxy, through the guesswork of the same officials that demanded he lose what might be the coolest haircut of all time. Here's how Gonzalez's summer is going, from WOAI:

That haircut got him sent home from school and Patrick had to shave it off. But when the last school bell rang, he went straight to the barber shop. "It looks bigger," Patrick describes the new hairdo. "Bold. It's bigger than the other one." And this time, Patrick says no one can make him shave it off.

Why would he, now that he's formed a bond with Bonner and received Spurs ducats and memorabilia along the way?

A month later, this story is still as disheartening and as ridiculous as it was in mid-May. Why, school officials? Why? How was that distract served, in the last few weeks of the school's term, by making Patrick shave his tribute off? What good did that do the students, teachers, and administrators?

And, perhaps most importantly, who created that amazing haircut? Step forward, stylist, because you have done amazing work.

Enjoy the summer, Patrick. And come back this fall ready to follow Bonner's lead (he was an Academic All-American in college). Perhaps a batch of straight-A's might help your school's administrators see the light.

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