Free app available for Android and iPhone Staff, Publisher

The new App is now available in both the Apple iTunes Store and Google Play Store. It's a FREE download. Just search "".


  A few notes on the new App: 

* You will need to sign-in to your account when you load the app for the first time. You can do this at the "Sign In" icon (guy with a key) on the bottom right of the first app page.

* If you have the old Warchant App you need to delete it. This is a totally new app that was developed by a new company. The old app will not work and won't be updated.

* When you first open the app you will be asked to pick which push notifications you would like to receive. Check off every category that you would like notifications for. This is how you will receive instant updates on breaking news and scores (replaces the old text message updates). To modify which notifications you receive, simply click the menu bar on the top right and select "Notifications".

* There are two main pages on the front (above). Just slide it over to the right to get to page two.

* It's one-click to get to our two most popular forums - The Tribal Council and the Recruiting Board. The other forums can be accessed from "More Forums" at the bottom of the first page.

* You should be able to find schedules, rosters and depth charts under the appropriate section.

To get the latest FSU news click on the first icon on the app - News & Updates


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If you have any questions about the app please email us at

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