Free Agency still stocked at cornerback following NFL Draft

As of now, the Raiders still have questions at the cornerback position. They added a couple corners in the draft on Day three, which certainly adds needed depth and competition, but it doesn’t guarantee that come the season they won’t be simply picking the lesser of the evils.

The free agent market could work in their favor in this regard, however, because no position has stronger talent still unsigned than cornerback. Most of them are on the wrong side of 30, which usually means they will be signing short term deals with teams hoping to use them as a bridge to a long term answer next year. Or until their own guys can develop.

It’s likely these free agents were advised to wait until after the draft as teams will have a better idea of where the stand at the position. After all, all teams hope they will land a starter in the draft, but not all of them will. The Raiders are an example of that as the way the board fell, they ended up going. heavy on the offensive side of the ball on the first two days where teams expect to get immediate starters.

Story originally appeared on Raiders Wire