Freddie Kitchens: If Myles Garrett tells me something, I believe it

Josh Alper

Browns defensive end Myles Garrett‘s accusation that Steelers quarterback Mason Rudolph used a racial slur during last week’s game was a topic of conversation at Browns head coach Freddie Kitchens’s press conference on Friday.

Kitchens said that he would not reveal anything that he and Garrett talked about in the wake of last Thursday’s fight, including whether Garrett told him Rudolph used a slur. Kitchens also said of Garrett that “if he tells me something, I am going to believe it.”

Kitchens fielded a few questions about Garrett before saying he wanted to move on to this weekend’s game against the Dolphins. He was asked how the team keeps their eyes on this week given how much talk there’s been about last week.

“I think it needs to be us being focused on what we do every day, every rep, every practice — the same thing we have been preaching since March,” Kitchens said. “It only matter what you are doing in the moment. You can’t do anything about last week and you can’t do anything about next week. You can only do something about today, and that is where want to keep our focus.”

Losing focus hurt the Browns at the end of last week’s game and the team’s high number of penalties show that it’s been an issue throughout the year. Sunday will let us know if things have changed in light of all that went on over the last eight days.