Fred Warner: Trey Lance is ready for it

Trey Lance will start at quarterback for the 49ers this season. The question is: How will he play?

The 49ers constantly have expressed their faith in the second-year quarterback, but what other choice do they have? He became the team’s franchise quarterback the day the 49ers used the third overall choice on Lance in 2021.

49ers kicker Robbie Gould recently expressed his confidence in Lance.

On Monday, linebacker Fred Warner did the same.

“I continue to say, man, how much I’ve admired the way Trey has taken on just all the criticism, all I guess you could say all the pressure people are trying to put on him,” Warner told Rich Eisen on the Rich Eisen Show. “He’s been super professional about it, especially with how young he is. (He’s) very mature for his age.

“And so, just the things that you see from him and the small things that everybody else outside of the building sees from him, that should give you a good sense of like the maturity for such a young player, and if given the reins, the way that he would handle it. I can continue to sit here and tell you how great of a person and player that he is. I’ve already spoken on that. But whatever it may be, I know that he is, for sure, if given the reins, that he’s ready for it. He’s very professional, and mature and ready for whatever he is given.”

Eisen was intrigued by Lance’s use of “if given the reins” as Jimmy Garoppolo is not expected to remain with the team. The 49ers are Lance’s team now.

“Kyle’s (Shanahan) the brains of the operation,” Warner answered. “I let him handle all that kind of stuff. My job as the middle linebacker for our defense is to make sure I’m ready to go and at the top of my game for this side of the ball, and let them handle that side. I know it’s a big operation to operate as a team, and so I’m just making sure I’m doing my part in the puzzle.”

The 49ers have a roster ready to win now. They reached the NFC Championship Game in 2021 with Garoppolo. Again, the question is: How will Lance play?

“He’s fit in with the group since Day 1,” Warner said. “I think he’s come in with the right mindset, the humility. The front office continues to bring in guys that love the game. They love football. They are good people. And Trey’s continued to work hard. And that’s how you build respect amongst your teammates and your peers, is by putting in the work, day in and day out, and guys seeing that.

“And seeing that confidence build within him, going into his second year, being out there during OTA workouts and practices, continuing to do that in training camp, like I know he will, he for sure has the respect amongst his teammates.”

Fred Warner: Trey Lance is ready for it originally appeared on Pro Football Talk