Fred Warner praises "unbelievable" 49ers' fans for Pittsburgh takeover

It saw it coming on Friday, on the connecting flight from Kansas City. The plane from Dallas to Pittsburgh was brimming with 49ers fans.

So was the Field formerly known as Heinz on Sunday. It was a San Francisco takeover of a place where the home fans usually don't sell their tickets, and rarely take a back seat to the fans of the opposing team.

Plenty of those tickets were sold on Sunday, and bought by 49ers fans. The end result was that the fans gave the road team a major lift in the 30-7 win.

"Oh my gosh, it's unbelievable," linebacker Fred Warner told PFT by phone after the game. "I mean, the amount of love that they showed us today all the way out here in Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh. Like, it's incredible, man. They showed up big time, The Faithful."

Indeed they did. And the 49ers made a huge statement to start a season that could end with their fans overwhelming the city where their former Bay Area rivals now reside.