Fred Warner on what he loves about 49ers new DC Nick Sorensen

There’s been an incredibly high standard set for the 49ers’ defense since they first made a deep playoff run in 2019. From that 2019 season on they’ve regularly been one of the league’s best units. Last season they slipped some and the club moved on from defensive coordinator Steve Wilks in the offseason.

Instead of hiring an external candidate to replace him, the club went with Nick Sorensen, who’d been on San Francisco’s staff since 2022 as a defensive assistant and defensive passing game specialist. While Sorensen wasn’t the hottest name on the market, his hire was one 49ers linebacker and defensive leader Fred Warner liked.

Warner joined the Candlestick Chronicles podcast on behalf of health technology leader, Abbott, and their ‘Beat Malnutrition’ campaign with Real Madrid, and explained what adjustments he’d have to make with a new DC at the helm.

“For me specifically I do have the green dot so I’m the one that’s hearing that communication with the defensive coordinator,” Warner said. “That does take time to develop that connection and I know it’s gonna be seamless with Nick. I think having him around the building these last couple years has been awesome.”

Having that established relationship with the team’s defensive signal caller should be helpful for Sorensen who is stepping into a role that experienced some turbulence last season. Getting on the same page not only with head coach Kyle Shanahan, but also with Warner and the 49ers’ defensive personnel is paramount to Sorensen’s success.

While Warner will still have to build that in-game relationship with the DC, he gave plenty of reasons why he believes Sorensen was the right hire.

“I love Nick, I love what he’s about,” Warner told Candlestick Chronicles. “Love the fact that he’s played the game for a long time,  understands ball, is a great leader, and understands that we haven’t played our best defense as of late and that we need to return to that. And so it’s been crystal clear what the standard is moving forward, and yeah, I’m really excited about it. I think it’ll be a great hire and move going forward.”

Story originally appeared on Niners Wire