Fred Smoot says he can see Kurt Warner in Sam Howell

Everyone loves comparing young players to current players or retired players. It’s especially true around draft time. Some comparisons are fair, while others are…..odd.

What about Washington Commanders quarterback Sam Howell? Who can forget some of the comparisons ahead of the 2021 NFL draft, comparing Howell to former No. 1 overall pick Baker Mayfield?

Then there was the recent comparison from ESPN’s Matt Miller, who compared Howell to Colt McCoy. While it wasn’t a knock on McCoy, who has enjoyed a long NFL career, his reasoning didn’t make much sense. He noted the following on Howell: “Not great arm strength.” Anyone who has watched Howell knows arm strength is not an issue.

Since we love comparing players, former Washington cornerback Fred Smoot had a comparison of his own on a recent episode of the Command Center with fellow former Washington players Logan Paulsen and Santana Moss.

He compared Howell to Pro Football Hall of Famer Kurt Warner. Warner, the former grocery store stocker turned Super Bowl champion and two-time MVP, is one of the NFL’s best all-time stories.

Why did Smoot make the comparison?

The former longtime Washington cornerback noted that Warner and Howell were built similarly, and they throw the ball in a similar way.

Smoot further reiterated his comparison on Friday’s episode of “The Kevin Sheehan Show” podcast.

Smoot talked about the St. Louis Rams from Warner’s era, noting how Washington’s top three receivers compare favorably to the Rams’ three from that era. Then Sheehan asked him who was going to be Kurt Warner.

Smoot explained what Howell lost from his final season at North Carolina. He then discussed how all the Commanders need is above-average quarterback play with their defense and offensive weapons. He believes Howell can bring that in 2023.

“Yeah, but he didn’t start off a Hall of Famer,” Howell said of Warner. “You watched him develop; you watched the story play out. So I am asking you to watch the story of the ‘Lone Wolf,’ Sam Howell…….give this guy a chance.”

Smoot is an excellent analyst. He gives facts and experiences when discussing why he feels a certain way. As he noted, no one can predict the future, but it’s clear that he believes too many are sleeping on Howell.

Smoot’s appearance on Sheehan’s podcast is worth a listen.

Story originally appeared on Commanders Wire