Frank Reich: I’ve discussed trade calls with Scott Fitterer over last 24 hours

So, is Carolina Panthers general manager Scott Fitterer in on any deals right now?

Fresh off the team’s first win on Sunday, an exciting 15-13 triumph over the Houston Texans, head coach Frank Reich spoke about the upcoming trade deadline. He was asked if the Panthers are in buying, selling or no mode heading into tomorrow.

“I had a brief conversation with Scott within the last 24 hours of just some phone calls that he was takin’,” he replied. “I actually plan on sittin’ down with him this afternoon some time to see if anything else has come up. Again, I was just focused on Houston.

“So, I don’t know. I’ve learned in these situations—trust the GM. He’s leadin’ that process. He’ll do a great job. He’ll pull me in when needed. We’ll have some conversations later today to see if anything’s come up in the last 24 hours that’s worth talkin’ about. And sometimes it does and sometimes things fizzle out. So, we’ll see how it all plays out.”

The deadline is rather festive this year, as it falls on Halloween at 4 p.m. ET. Now, we’ll have to wait to see if Fitterer, Reich and the 1-6 Panthers come up with a trick or a treat . . . or neither.

Story originally appeared on Panthers Wire