Frank Reich: Thomas Brown will not be micromanaged on play calls

One week ago, Carolina Panthers head coach Frank Reich gave offensive coordinator Thomas Brown the keys to the car. And today, he affirmed that there’ll be no backseat drivers.

Reich spoke with reporters this afternoon, six days ahead of his team’s Week 8 matchup against the visiting Houston Texans. That matchup will see Brown take the lead on play-calling duties for the first time in his NFL coaching career, and it’s not something Reich is looking to tinker with.

“Thomas and I had another good discussion this morning just about the transition and about philosophy and our approach this week, in general,” he stated. “With every day, I feel great about it. Thomas is ready. It’ll be an organic thing. There’s still gonna be a lot of collaboration.

“Thomas is gonna be in charge. It’s not gonna be micromanaged. The staff will contribute like they do, but Thomas will be—his personality, his decision making will be the play-by-play decisions. What we do as a game-planning process—that will still stay the same as it’s been.”

Brown will be taking his first drive against the 25th-ranked defense in the league—one that’s allowed 354.0 yards per outing. So hopefully, it’s a nice and smooth Sunday spin for the new 37-year-old play caller.

Story originally appeared on Panthers Wire