Frank Reich knows what it’s like to be in Jacoby Brissett’s spot

Darin Gantt
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Colts coach Frank Reich has consistently praised quarterback Jacoby Brissett‘s approach to the offseason, after Brissett was replaced by veteran free agent Philip Rivers.

It might be because Reich remembers what it was like himself.

“I mean, he’s a pro,” Reich said, via “He wants to do what’s right for the team. And he knows. He and I have had multiple conversations about that. Jacoby doesn’t need me to tell him what to do. He knows what to do. I’m his friend and I’m his coach, and I’ve been in his position to some degree. Do I try to lend an encouraging voice every now and then? Yeah, but he’s doing it the right way.

“We need him to be who he is this year for us to get where we want to go. Whether that means he ends up playing some games or playing a number of plays or even if he’s just there to support Philip and this team, Jacoby will be a big part of our success.”

In 1995, Reich left the Bills, with former General Manager Bill Polian taking him to Carolina to be the starter for the Panthers in their expansion season.

That assignment lasted exactly three games, before Reich was replaced by first-round rookie Kerry Collins, and Reich never got the job back. He went onto the Jets the following year, before finishing up his career with the Lions.

That’s given Reich some insight to dealing with the dynamics of changing roles and the personalities involved, which is a big part of any head coaches’ job. As such, he clearly respects how Brissett is handling his demotion.

Frank Reich knows what it’s like to be in Jacoby Brissett’s spot originally appeared on Pro Football Talk

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