As franchise values skyrocket, Stephen Ross hopes to sell a piece of the Dolphins

Dolphins owner Stephen Ross wants to take some money off the table, while still keeping control of the NFL team he owns.

Recently, Ross said he's "looking at now to monetize a portion" of the team, explaining that he "never dreamed we’d be so fast at the valuations that are out there today.” The comments came courtesy of Bloomberg News, via Sports Business Journal.

Two new records for franchise sales have been set in less than two years, with the Broncos going for $4.65 billion and the Commanders selling for $6.05 billion.

Several years ago, one source with knowledge of the dynamics of franchise values told PFT that, soon, the average team will be worth $8 billion to $10 billion.

Ross could sell a sizable chunk of the team and still retain control over it. Often, minority percentages that include no voting rights have a lower valuation than equity that includes management powers.

Whatever Ross does, the values will indeed keep increasing. And that's something to remember when resenting players for the money they make, as some fans and media do. Players have a limited number of years during which they can benefit from NFL revenue. Owners do it every year, for decades.

More importantly, the owners hold the equity. The players do not — and never will.

And the value of the equity keeps going up. And up. And up.