FOX Sports: Texas A&M Football is a Tier 1 team for 2022

·1 min read

You can never get enough preseason College Football tier rankings, right? Just a few days following ESPN staff writer, David Hale, listing his tiers for every college football program in the country, RJ Young, national college football analyst and host of FOXSports’ “The Number One Ranked Show,” came up with his own version.

As one can imagine, there may have been a few discrepancies between the two. While notable programs differed by a tier or two – or multiple tiers in certain instances – Young gave the Aggies high praise in listing them in “Tier 1” with the likes of Alabama, Ohio State and Georgia, squads who are unanimously predicted to be top-three in 2022. Not bad, Aggie Nation, huh?

Whether you’re more of a David Hale and need to see the Aggies prove they belong in the top-dog category in 2022, or you’re an RJ Young, who believes the Aggies are already at the elite level of College Football Playoff contender, there aren’t too many days left until we begin the journey of discovering where they truly stand in the national picture.

Story originally appeared on Aggies Wire