FOX snubs Rams, only puts Chiefs in ‘America’s Game of the Week’ promo

The higher-ups at FOX probably aren’t thrilled about the state of the Los Angeles Rams right now. The network is broadcasting the Rams-Chiefs game on Sunday and it’s being billed as “America’s Game of the Week,” but it’s hardly an interesting matchup anymore with Matthew Stafford out and the Rams sitting at 3-7.

So naturally, it’s gotten challenging to promote what’s supposed to be a marquee matchup that has one team favored by 15 points. That team isn’t the Rams, by the way.

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So when FOX was promoting all of its big upcoming events this week, it left the Rams out of the picture – quite literally. There was no mention of the Rams in the graphic, only showing Patrick Mahomes with a Chiefs-colored background.

They at least could’ve stuck the Rams’ logo somewhere on the graphic, or included a photo of, you know, one of the team’s other stars, even if Matthew Stafford and Cooper Kupp are both out.

There’s a guy named Aaron Donald. Jalen Ramsey and Bobby Wagner are also still in Los Angeles, last we checked.

Story originally appeared on Rams Wire