Fox News Guest To Parents: 'Your Responsibility' To Check For School Safety

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The father of a Parkland, Florida, school shooting victim suggested Tuesday that parents bear the responsibility for the safety of their children’s school.

Andrew Pollack, who helped pass legislation in Florida to allow more armed school staff members, appeared on Fox News after the Tuesday shooting that left 19 students and two teachers dead in Texas.

Pollack, during an interview with host Laura Ingraham, said parents should check the safety measures in place at their children’s schools.

“It’s the parents, it’s your responsibility where you send your children to school,” Pollack said.

“You have to know now after these shootings, and every week there’s a shooting ... that you need to check where your kids go to school.”

You can watch a clip from Pollack’s interview with Ingraham below.

Pollack, whose 18-year-old daughter Meadow was one of 17 people who died in the 2018 shooting, made other suggestions for school safety, including an armed guard on staff and teacher training via his Twitter on Tuesday.

The father became a “vocal supporter” of armed staff members at schools in the wake of the Parkland shooting, BuzzFeed News reported in May 2018, and his concerns had the ear of then-President Donald Trump.

Other families said they didn’t receive similar treatment, according to the website, and mentioned being completely ignored by the Trump administration.

Pollack, during his interview with Ingraham, also questioned whether the Uvalde, Texas, school district “learned anything” from what happened to his daughter.

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