Fox & Friends defends Trump for congratulating the wrong state on winning the Super Bowl

Brendan Morrow
The Week

After President Trump briefly congratulated the wrong state on winning the Super Bowl, Fox & Friends is quickly providing some defense.

Trump in a tweet on Sunday night congratulated the "great state of Kansas" after the Kansas City Chiefs' Super Bowl win, despite the fact that the team is actually based in Missouri. After 11 minutes of Twitter dunking, Trump issued a follow-up tweet congratulating Missouri, instead.

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But the hosts of Fox & Friends on Monday decided the original tweet was completely fine, actually. "Kansas City is in Kansas, and it is also in Missouri," Steve Doocy said, insisting the situation is like the fact that "people call them the New York Giants, but they're in New Jersey."

Even though Trump himself seemed to admit his mistake by deleting and re-posting the tweet, Matt Schlapp, chair of the American Conservative Union, took the defense further, blasting the "East coast establishment" for not realizing that "Kansas City, Kansas is in Kansas." It seems we have 2020's first map-related Trump controversy on our hands.

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