Four-star junior Nowell has early high major offers

Eric Bossi, National Analyst
Rivals Basketball Recruiting

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LAS VEGAS -- One of the top shooting guards in the class of 2021, four-star Shane Nowell is looking to attract more attention and wants coaches to know that he's open.

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The younger brother of former Washington star Jaylen Nowell who just signed a contract with the Minnesota Timberwolves, the 6-foot-4 shooting guard from Sammamish (Wash.) Eastside Catholic understands that there may be coaches scared of his local ties.

"That's how it works when you have a family member who is that talented, people make assumptions," Nowell told "I'm just happy to be in the position I'm in but I do hope more college coaches will come into contact with me."

Not surprisingly, Washington has offered and so have Montana, Oklahoma and Washington State. They probably liked what they saw of Nowell during the spring and summer when he played with Rotary Select. It certainly opened his eyes to what and who else are out there.

"It was definitely a good experience playing against the most talented dudes in the country," said Nowell. "It opened my eyes, especially to how good other players around the country are because they are working just as hard as me or even more. It's going to help me as a progress to change my mentality to make sure I'm going hard every time I'm on the court."


Nowell discussed his two Pac-12 and one Big 12 offers.

Oklahoma: "I have a good relationship with them, especially with coach (Carlin) Hartman. They did really well with Trae Young and have been good for a while so I feel like they have a good program"

Washington: "They definitely have a lot of talented dudes and every year they get a good group of guys coming in. Last year they shocked the world when they went to the NCAA Tournament and this year I think they have a shot again. Coach (Mike) Hopkins loves all the local high school players. He's a very happy guy, he's a good dude."

Washington State: "I haven't been in contact with them too much because I'm just getting to know them. I'll definitely be watching them this year to see what they are going to do in the Pac-12."


Nowell hasn't made any visit plans for the late summer or fall and doesn't appear to be in any rush to make a decision. While he wants to be as open as possible in the decision process, it sounds like proximity to home could ultimately play a large role in any decision that he may make.

"My mom being able to see me will be important," said Nowell. "She's the most important person in my life and I want her to be able to watch every single one of my games. She's my biggest supporter and it's only right for her to be able to come and watch all of my games."

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