Four OSU students charged in dead steer frat prank

Jan. 22—Four members of an Oklahoma State University fraternity are facing charges of unlawful disposal of an animal carcass, following an investigation into the case of a dead steer being left on a rival fraternity's front lawn Dec. 1.

The dead steer was found with a deep cut in its hide early that morning, the day before OSU's Big 12 Championship Football game at the University of Texas. It led many to speculate that it might have something to do with the game against the Longhorns.

The carcass also had the words "F--- FH" painted on the hide, leading most locals to believe it was an escalation of some kind of fraternity prank war. The carcass was left in front of the Farmhouse fraternity building. The next week, police said they served a warrant at the Alpha Gamma Rho fraternity house in Stillwater.

A medical examination revealed that the animal likely died due to some illness before it was ever transported to Stillwater. Otherwise, the fraternity members might have faced a more serious charge of animal cruelty.

The misdemeanor charges were filed Dec. 28 in Payne County District Court. The four defendants were released on recognizance bonds posted Jan. 17. The case is scheduled for the March 11 misdemeanor docket.