Fort Moore to host Sullivan Cup during Armor Week. What to expect and how to watch

Fort Moore will host the U.S. Army’s biennial Sullivan Cup best tank and Bradley crew competition from April 29- May 3 where crews from all over the world will compete to see who comes out on top.

Brigadier General Michael J. Simmering gave the media a preview of tank crews going through tank training at Fort Moore in March.

Simmering said he’s never had the honor of being a participant in the Sullivan Cup and said the best aspect of the competition is how it measures the technical and tactical competence of the crews in the force today.

He said the competition puts crews through some of the hardest scenarios possible that they may face in combat.

He said four to five crews from allied nations will be coming to compete.

Simmering told reporters his fondest memories of the Sullivan Cup is seeing the crews maneuver down the range at Fort Moore and engaging targets.

“We make some pretty hard scenarios for them, and watching them fight through them, it’s pretty surprising and it’s pretty impressive sometimes,” said Simmering.

When asked who he is rooting for in the competition, Simmering replied while smiling, “I’m rooting for us, who wouldn’t.”

The competitions will range from physical, medical and live fire events.

For those wishing to attend any of these events check out these links: