Former Washington RB Brian Mitchell: ‘Sometimes Coach (Rivera) just talks too much’

Brian Mitchell still speaks as he played… directly and aggressively.

JP Finlay and Mitchell were in a conversation with Washington Post Commanders reporter Sam Fortier Wednesday on 106.7 The Fan when Finlay lobbed that Rivera had thus far, since the season finale, spoke of the team moving forward with Sam Howell as the quarterback. Finlay noted the distinction Rivera had made Wednesday between Howell not being the starter but he is QB1.

Fortier was even bolder, saying that Rivera was “hedging, and it was double speak”. “It is trying to have it both ways,” said Fortier. He expressed he thinks Coach Ron is not yet committed to going with Howell, citing “it has been inconsistent messaging” by Rivera.

Fortier also proclaimed that Rivera needs to win this year, and “will do whatever is necessary to maximize the number of wins this year.”

Mitchell suggested the possibility that one Rivera statement saying Howell was the starter was pre-Eric Bieniemy being hired as assistant head coach/offensive coordinator, and the latest statement is after having dialogue with Bieniemy regarding Howell as the QB1 this upcoming season.

Mitchell then stated, “It is March 1. Why do we have to say who the starter is today?” “I made the comment last year, and I am going to make it again. Sometimes, Coach just talks too much. If he says less, then he doesn’t have all of these questions coming at him.”

Mitchell has been direct with his opinion of what Rivera should do or say previously. In June of 2022, Mitchell called for Rivera to hold Jack Del Rio accountable for his statements questioning the media’s treatment of the events of January 6 in contrast to the many burnings and destruction of properties in what were called peaceful protests summer of 2020.

Mitchell also made a passionate declaration for what he felt was a “trash” performance in the Commanders’ Week 17 loss to the Browns at FedEx Field.


Story originally appeared on Commanders Wire