Former Washington assistant Mike McDaniel took a funny shot at Daniel Snyder's franchise

Miami Dolphins head coach Mike McDaniel speaks during the AFC head coaches availability at the NFL meetings, Monday, March 27, 2023, in Phoenix. (AP Photo/Matt York)

Mike McDaniel never read the memo that NFL head coaches are supposed to be boring.

McDaniel, the coach of the Miami Dolphins, has a one liner for just about everything. He's sarcastic and funny, turning typical media questions around. Reporters aren't used to witty answers from NFL head coaches.

McDaniel used to be an assistant with the Washington Commanders franchise. He was an offensive assistant in 2011-12 and receivers coach in 2013. At the NFL owners meeting Monday, McDaniel was asked what he thought of Daniel Snyder selling the team. It will be sold for billions of dollars.

Given the absolutely horrendous reputation of Snyder and how he runs his team, McDaniel's response to WUSA 9 was cutting, hilarious and spot on.

Ouch. Should it be surprising that Snyder's franchise, which ranked horribly in just about every category in a recent NFLPA player poll, doesn't even give free coffee to the coaches? Not really. Given what we know about what has gone on with Snyder's franchise the past couple decades, making low-level assistants pay for coffee is pretty low on the list of transgressions.

Still, it's fitting. And McDaniel is the only coach who would call Snyder out on it.