Former Warriors champion weighs in on Jonathan Kuminga saga

On Friday (Jan. 5,) Shams Charania reported that Jonathan Kuminga had “lost faith” in Steve Kerr. The third-year forward was unimpressed at being benched for the final 18-minutes in the Golden State Warriors loss to the Denver Nuggets on Thursday (Jan. 4.) The report generated serious buzz on social media.

Former Warriors champion Andrew Bogut shared his opinion on the developing saga shortly after the news broke. He tried to provide some perspective from both sides, noting how developing young talent while still serving championship-caliber veterans is a difficult path to navigate. He also shared his surprise at the news being leaked rather than being kept in-house.

“This is Wild thing to leak….. Wow. Welcome to the GM seat Mike Jnr!,” Bogut wrote with his initial reaction before following up with some broader thoughts. “Development vs playing trusty vets is always a tricky balance. Remember this though: After the @warriors 15-50 season, many were talking about making trades and developing younger players. They won a chip 2 seasons later. Not saying that happens this time, but just a bit of perspective.”

Bogut spent four seasons with the Warriors between 2012 and 2016; he then re-signed with the franchise for his final season in the NBA in 2018. As such, he has been around Kerr and the team’s championship-winning core and likely understands the difficult path Kuminga is trying to walk.

Nevertheless, Kuminga’s decision to make his displeasure public could have a negative effect on team morale. Golden State has already been dealing with multiple issues this season, and Kuminga has added another to the list. Whether the report pressures Kerr to play him more or pushes the front office into considering a trade will remain to be seen.

Still, Bogut’s shock at the report surfacing is likely similar to most Warriors fans at that moment.

Story originally appeared on Warriors Wire