Former Texas QB Chance Mock praises Texas’ size, athleticism

Texas is building explosive athletes. Former Longhorns quarterback Chance Mock is taking notice.

Mock voiced praise for the size, speed and athleticism of the current Texas football team in winter workouts. According to the former five-star quarterback, these players are built different than the players in College Station.

“I’m just gonna say it… either the (Texas football) videography team is significantly better… or this team looks much bigger, faster, quicker, and explosive than the players in the video the Ags released yesterday.”

The “Ags” Mock mentions are the Texas A&M Aggies, the Longhorns’ longtime in-state rivals who left for another conference and put the rivalry on pause. Texas enters that same conference ahead of the 2024 college football season. Despite over an 11-year head start in a tougher conference for the the Aggies, the Longhorns are in a better position heading into next season.

Credit strength and conditioning coach Torre Becton for updating his strength programming philosophy after a long 2021 season. Since doing so, the team is building bigger, faster and stronger athletes. In 2024, it should translate in the team’s rivalry with their top in-state rival.

Texas A&M, despite notable mismanagement by its coaching staff, has recruited some of the best players in the country, particularly on the defensive line. With the exception of Alabama’s defensive line, the Aggies’ monstrous unit will provide Texas its toughest test in the trenches in a long while. That said, if Mock is correct, the Longhorns could be ready for that challenge.

Texas is building a different caliber athlete ahead of the 2024 season. It will look to put it all together before its inaugural SEC schedule.

Story originally appeared on Longhorns Wire