Former Steeler shoots down idea of adding FA quarterback

When free agency starts, the Pittsburgh Steelers will have some serious decisions to make about the quarterback position. If the Steelers don’t feel confident in Kenny Pickett they could consider signing a big-time free agent or even trading for a veteran.

This is a move former Steelers offensive lineman Ramon Foster does not agree with. He talked about the situation on The Ramon Foster Show and said it felt “very Cleveland

“Do you see Baltimore making these types of moves,” asked Foster. “Like this type of scrambling and searching for a franchise quarterback is very Cleveland of y’all to be asking this type of stuff,”

Foster continued to go on but in his next comment, I want to unpack one particular part.

“It is, it’s very Cleveland of you. Like go get your guy through the draft and you know he fits your DNA,” adds Foster.


Is Foster endorsing the Steelers drafting a quarterback this year and replacing Kenny Pickett? We don’t disagree with the premise and it really should be either or. If the Steelers go after a big-money veteran, you cannot draft a quarterback early and vice versa. Foster seems to be leaning hard away from risking it on a veteran and instead wants to start over, building around a new young quarterback.

Story originally appeared on Steelers Wire